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Sources of Beekeeping Information

Web Hyperlink Source Comment
Why Bees are Disappearing Ted Talks Honeybee ecology and declines video
Backyard Beekeeping Alabama Cooperative Extension Comprehensive How-to by Dr. James E Tew
Beverly Bees Beginner Beekeepers Guide Beverly Bees Basic Tasks How-To
Splitting Hives in the Spring Honey Bee World Article
The Ohioline 1000 University of Ohio Index to OSU Honey Bee Info
The Pollinator Partnership Pollinator Partnership Organization Home Page
Bee Benefits to Agriculture USDA Bee Statistics, Info Article
Pollination of Fruits and Nuts Purdue Extension Guide for Gardeners
Purdue Extension Bee Laboratory Purdue Extension Bee Lab Home Page
West Central Indiana Beekeepers WCIBA Facebook Page

News Links

Some selected news articles of interest to beekeepers

Web Hyperlink Source Topic
Health Canada Health Canada (govt) Notice of Intent, NOI2013-01, Action to Protect Bees from Exposure to Neonicotinoid Pesticides
The Honey Launderers Bloomberg Business Week AWL busted for the largest food fraud in U.S. History
The Plight of the Honeybee Time Magazine Honeybee declines / causes and effects