Indiana Queen Project

The state association developed the Indiana queen project to provide Indiana beekeepers with northern-bred stocks that are tolerant to tracheal and varroa mites. This project will benefit beekeepers who adopt this (as well as nearby beekeeping operations) by preventing the spread of mite-infested bees. We expect to raise

Queen Bee

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approximately 2000 queens and or cells for distribution to Indiana beekeepers as a result of this project. To accomplish this goal the Indiana queen project will make breeder queens available to interested beekeepers, we would also like other queen stock raised in Indiana to be tested for use in the project.

As part of the project we will document how many queens are distributed and how many beekeepers receive them. Additionally there might be some equipment available.

For this project to be successful we are asking involvement from all Indiana bee clubs and interested beekeepers. The Indiana queen project will require key personnel to set up, organize, and track the project.  We will need queen cell producers, queen producers, breeder queen producers, artificial insemination, selection, screening, and diversity personnel. Others needed will be a Director, a Manager, regional club contacts, regional production personnel, and beekeeper training personnel.

For more information please visit the Indiana Queen Breeders web site or contact Dave Shenefield.