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Our Fall Meeting and Conference of The Beekeepers of Indiana will be held at Fourwinds Lakeside Inn and Marina, 9301 South Fairfax Road, Bloomington, IN  47401.

The guest speaker is Dr. Roger Hoopingarner, a retired entomologist from Michigan State University. We have several other sessions including an ever popular Panel Discussion, How to Render Your Beeswax and a very interesting discussion on the Flow Hive.  For a complete agenda, click here.

Registration is now open for the Fall Conference and Fall Bee School.


We host a Fall Conference and a Fall Bee School the same day, same location.  Registration for each is separate.  Click here for Fall Conference registration.  If you wish to mail in your registration form for the Fall Conference, click here to download, print and mail in the form.

If you wish to attend the Fall Bee School, you register for the Fall Bee School and only the Fall Bee School.  Click here to register for the Fall Bee School.  If you wish to mail in your registration form for the Fall Bee School, click here to download, print and mail in the form.  For a complete agenda, .

We have arranged for special rates at the Inn.  For booking the rooms, you just need to call their front desk (812-824-2628) and give them the group name “Beekeepers of Indiana”, they will be happy to reserve you a room.

Room Type Rate
Deluxe Suite $259.00
Studio Suite $159.00
Lakeside King $139.00
Lakeside Double $139.00

Absentee Voting

It is encouraged for you to attend the meeting but we know that not all members will be able to attend.

Absentee Voting.  Eligible members who cannot be present for the vote at the annual Fall Meeting may submit an absentee ballot. Absentee ballots will be available to any eligible member. If you cast an absentee ballot and then you do attend the fall meeting you WILL NOT be able to vote the day of the meeting.

Any eligible voting member may cast a vote by absentee ballot for any positions open for election.  Eligible members are members that are paid up through the day of the Fall Meeting, October 28th, 2017.

Click Here to see how to obtain an Absentee Ballot and Cast Your Absentee Vote

Thank You – Nominations Committee


Survey to assess honeybee losses in Indiana.  READ MORE

Position Statement of The Beekeepers of Indiana  The board of directors passed this statement on October 28, 2016  READ MORE

New publication from Greg and Glady’s Andino.  Differential gene expresssion in Varroa jacobsoni mites following a host shift to Europena honey bees (Apis mellifera)  READ MORE

Health Canada issues notice of intent on use of neonicotinoid pesticides in 2014.



The Indiana queen project was developed to provide Indiana beekeepers with northern-bred stocks that are tolerant to tracheal and Varroa mites. This project will benefit beekeepers who adopt this as well as nearby beekeeping operations, by preventing the spread of mite-infested bees…  READ MORE


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