Indiana State Beekeepers


The Indiana State Beekeepers Association held their fall meeting and bee school on Saturday, October 24. We listened to some awesome sessions by Michael Palmer and swapped funny bee stories with other beekeepers.

There were 169 attendees, of which 54 attended the bee school.  We had five beekeepers enter their honey in five different categories and enjoyed a fantastic lunch, once again, provided by Country Home Catering.

Congratulations on this years elected board members:
Jeff Dittemore – President                      Mark Partridge – Vice-President
Linda Burkett – Secretary                       Debbie Seib – Treasurer
Kristy Dooley – Director                          Barry McNulty – Director
Scott Novinger – Director                        John Wilson – Director
The following resolutions passed:
Item #1— Change the ISBA Bylaws
This item is to strike the following Section 1 in “Article IV Election of Officers” of the ISBA bylaws:
The president, vice president, secretary and treasurer shall be elected annually by a majority vote of the members present at the annual meeting of the association and shall assume office on the day of their election and shall hold
said office until their successors have been duly elected or as otherwise provided by this constitution and bylaws.
Item #2 — Change the ISBA Bylaws
This item is to strike the following Section 2 in “Article XIII Merger or Dissolution” of the ISBA bylaws:
If for any reason The Indiana State Beekeepers Association, Inc. should merge with any other organization and The Indiana State Beekeepers Association, Inc. is not the surviving 501C (5) entity, then all assets of The Indiana State Beekeepers Association, Inc. shall be transferred to the Entomology Department at Purdue University for the purpose of beekeeping education and research.
Item #3 — Adopt the Proposed Plan for Consolidation of ISBA & IBA
Item #4 — Approve Dissolution


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Rebecca has decided to run for the American Honey Queen.  She’d like to ask for your moral and financial support.  If you’d like to know how you can help support Rebecca in her cause, click here.


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    Have you renewed your membership yet, or, want to join?  There are two simple ways to renew or sign up.

    If you are not a member, we encourage anyone who has an interest in beekeeping or related areas to join.   If you are unsure when your membership expires, contact Debbie at or call 317-432-9578.

    For new memberships, download the ISBA Membership Form and mail your membership info and dues.

    If you’d like to sign-up on-line, click here.